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Coordinate Geometry | Class 10 Chapter 7 | Coordinate Geometry Class 10 Full Chapter | Ex 2.1, 2.2

Published on 08/05/22 / In Education

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After completion of previous chapters, Nowhere is chapter no 7 Coordinate Geometry for you. In this chapter, we will learn its all concept the formulas and then we will move towards the solution of exercises and its questions. This only video is enough for you to be a master in this chapter. So, What are you waiting for? Watch now till the end and make this chapter your strength.

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Here are the Key Moments of the video 👇

00:00 Intro
00:42 EDUCART Question Banks
01:57 Coordinate Geometry Concept
08:06 Distance Formula
17:48 Exercise 7.1 Question 1
21:38 Exercise 7.1 Question 2
26:00 Exercise 7.1 Question 3
33:08 Exercise 7.1 Question 5
40:57 Exercise 7.1 Question 7
48:57 Exercise 7.1 Question 10
58:03 Exercise 7.2 Section Formula
01:03:13 Exercise 7.2 Question 1
01:06:59 Exercise 7.2 Question 3
01:14:53 Exercise 7.2 Question 4
01:20:55 Exercise 7.2 Question 6
01:23:47 Exercise 7.2 Question 8
01:29:33 Exercise 7.2 Question 10
01:34:43 Outro

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