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The Rise of Nationalism in Europe (Class 10 History) Chapter 1

Published on 08/05/22 / In Education

The rise of nationalism in Europe class 10 s.st
Class 10 history chapter 1
sst class 10 history chapter 1
social science class 10 history
0:00 Introduction
10:15 The French Revolution and the idea of the nation
29:44 The making of Nationalism in Europe
32:52 the aristocracy and the new middle class
39:43 what did liberal nationalism stand for?
50:26 a new conservatism after 1815
1:01:45 the revolutionaries
1:07:35 the age of revolutions: 1830-1848
1:13:53 the romantic imagination and national feeling
1:20:37 hunger, hardship and popular revolt
1:27:27 1848: the revolution of the liberals
1:37:53 the making of Germany and Italy
1:50:22 the strange case of Britain
1:56:21 visualising the nation
2:02:22 nationalism and imperialism

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